The gold standards for the final diagnosis were


The gold standards for the final diagnosis were

histologic findings of surgically resected specimen. Additionally, immunophenotyping of specimens obtained by EUS-FNA and surgical resection specimens were compared. Results: Postoperative histological diagnosis were 109 GISTs (85.8%), 7 neurinomas (5.5%), 5 SMT like cancers (3 primary gastric cancers and 2 metastatic cancers) (3.9%), 2 leiomyomas (1.6%), 2 Glomus tumors (1.6%), 1 accessory spleen (0.8%), Vorinostat supplier and 1 gauzeoma (0.8%). In 4 cases puncture was not performed because of anatomical problems. The diagnostic rate of the gastric hypoechoic solid SMT by EUS-FNA was 93.7% (119/127). In 119 surgically resected cases who were conclusively diagnosed by preoperative EUS-FNA, the diagnostic accuracy of EUS-FNA using immunohistochemical analysis of gastric hypoechoic solid SMT was 95.7% (114/119). No major complications were encountered. Conclusion: EUS-FNA with immunohistochemical analysis is an selleck chemicals accurate and safe preoperative histologic test of differential diagnosis of Gastric SMT. Key Word(s): 1. EUS-FNA; 2. GIST; 3. SMT;

4. stomach; 5. immunohistochemical analysis; 6. histology Presenting Author: TEPPEI AKIMOTO Additional Authors: KAZUMASA MIYAKE, YUTA MARUKI, HIROSHI YAMAWAKI, YASUHIRO KODAKA, HIROYUKI NAGOYA, NOBUE UEKI, TETSURO KAWAGOE, SEIJI FUTAGAMI, CHOITSU SAKAMOTO Corresponding Author: TEPPEI AKIMOTO Affiliations: Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical Schoo, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School, Nippon Medical School Objective: It has been recommended, if antithrombotic treatment is

at least a single use, to perform endoscopic biopsy without cessation of antithrombotic agents, also in the guideline of Japan since 2012. Past reports supporting the guidelines, have indicated the safety of biopsy 上海皓元医药股份有限公司 for these patients by evaluating the development of severe gastrointestinal bleeding complication. However, since such patients are basically elderly, and have comorbidity of cerebro-cardiovascular disease, even if there is no severe bleeding complication after biopsy, anemia due to asymptomatic potential bleeding could lead to serious condition. Therefore, we investigated the development of bleeding complication after biopsy, containing asymptomatic potential bleeding. Methods: This prospective cohort study entered consecutive outpatients who needed esophagogastroduodenoscopy without cessation of antithrombotic agents in our institution, and hemoglobin levels were checked just before endoscopy. Patient performed biopsies among these patients were re-checked hemoglobin levels 1 to 2 weeks later, and were asked about episodes of bleedig and thrombosis.

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